Main session Keynote Speakers

Tae-Soo Chon

Tae-Soo Chon Special Researcher, Research Institute of Computer, Information and Communication, Pusan National Univ., Korea; Director, Ecology and Future Research Institute, Korea; Prof. Emer., Department of Biological Sciences, Pusan National Univ., Korea

Title of presentation :
Computational behaviour analysis of individual and group movements of Zebra fish

Prof. Tae-Soo Chon has been involved in modelling studies on ecology and behavior including population/community dynamics and response of indicator species to external stimuli, broadly based on physical/mathematical sciences and engineering (e.g., pattern recognition). He served as an Associate Editor of Ecological Modelling and Ecological Informatics. Prof. Chon was the 2nd President of the Benthological Society of Asia (former ASH) and the first President of the Korean Society for Mathematical Biology.

Joong-Ki Park

Joong-Ki Park Professor, Division of EcoScience/Director of Natural History Museum Ewha Womans University

Title of presentation :
Genetic evidence of multiple freshwater invasions and genomic adaptation in the bivalve family Cyrenidae (Heterodonta: Mollusca)

Dr. Joong-Ki Park received his PhD from Sung Kyun Kwan University in Korea, specializing in the taxonomy, biodiversity, molecular phylogeny, and population genetic studies of marine mollusks. His current research interests include population genomics, molecular ecology, and comparative genomics of freshwater and marine animals, focusing on deciphering genomic evidence of evolutionary adaptations in response to habitat changes within an evolutionary framework. He is the Director of the Natural History Museum at Ewha Womans University and is now serving as Co-Editor-in-Chief, alongside Prof. John Morse, to launch the official journal of ASH, the Journal of Hydrobiology.