Excursion Program

Theme : Soul of Yesterday, Seoul of Today

July 4, 2024 / 13:30 ~20:30 pm
Insadong, Hangang park


Starting from Tapgol Park, Seoul’s representative street, lined with shops offering a variety of Korean traditions including antiques, galleries, antique furniture, and folk crafts, antique shops, traditional tea houses, and representative Korean souvenir shops have been concentrated there since the 1950s. It’s a route where you can journey back in time while exploring Insadong, and simultaneously savor the unique tastes and styles of Korea.

Hangang Park Sebit Island

Evenings at Hangang Park offer a romantic atmosphere. Particularly enchanting is the Moonlight Rainbow Fountain, adorned with 200 lights that create a mesmerizing rainbow-colored display. The water dances to the music, captivating visitors’ eyes. Adjacent to the fountain, there is a sculptural hill providing a panoramic view, an outdoor stage, a 40,000-square-meter moonlight plaza shaped like the moon, a global plaza, and various sports facilities, offering a plethora of activities beyond fountain gazing.
The Hangang River Observation Deck, nestled within Jamsu Bridge, provides an excellent vantage point for soaking in the scenery.

Photos of the Excursion Site

Photo credits ⓒ Hyuk Jin Nam

Field trip
The field trip is planned for a nature reserve within a two hours’ drive from the venue. Further details on the field trip shall be announced through the ASH 2024 website soon.

Time Table

* The program is subject to change, and details will be provided individually to participants only.

Time Schedule Remarks
13:10~13:30 20′ Gather and depart form the venue (Korea University) Group Tour Bus
13:30~14:00 30′ Move to Insa-dong (Tapgol Park) 25 mins by Tour Bus
14:00~17:00 180′ Insadong Walking Tour
– Antiques, galleries, antique furniture, folk crafts, temples, etc.
Some cultural guides will accompany.
17:00~17:50 50′ Move to Sebit Island, Banpo, Hangang Park 40 mins by Tour Bus
17:50~20:20 150′ Banpo Bridge Fountain Show viewing
& Free Time with dinner
The Fountain Show starts at 19:30 / 20:00.
Bottled water and a light dinner are provided.
* Additionally, you can purchase small food items at the convenience store in Hangang Park.
20:20~ Closing By Tour Bus
(Drop off point will be decided later)

Application Form

To participate in the program, please fill out the application by Monday, May 10th.
Detailed schedules will be individually emailed in June.
If you have any additional inquiries, please contact ash2024secretariat@gmail.com via email.

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